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Flower Vase Sansai Square

Flower Vase Sansai Square

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Kyoto, as the former capital, has been witness to the birth, confluence, and development of the varied expressions of Japanese culture. It is here, the arts of the tea ceremony has reached a level of refinement unseen on earth.

The craftsmen of Kyoto have unhesitatingly poured their knowledge and skill into the creation of a wide variety of ceramics of rich expression. At the same time, in the midst of the busy exchange between a large number of kilns, the overlapping of a number of processes has established a unique form of production.

Born in this manner, the singular ceramics of Kyoto are called Kyoto Yaki (Kyoto Ware) or Kiyomizu Yaki (Kiyomizu Ware). Along with receiving national designation as a traditional art, these ceramics continue to bring rich colour and expression to life all over Japan.

Size: W9 x D9 x H21.5 cm
Material: Porcelain

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