• Porcelain

    Arita is a well known historical porcelain producing area with a 400 year history. When you look carefully at Arita porcelain products, you will see how they differ from other porcelains, particularly in the subtle tones of white and beautiful artwork. 

  • Metalware

    Since 1609, Takaoka City has flourished and during those 400 years, built its reputation as the centre of the copper industry in Japan. Gradually adding tableware and interior products to its lineup, in 1916 NOUSAKU began manufacturing more intricate items such as Buddhist altar fittings, tea sets and flower vases.

  • lacquer Chopsticks

    Obama is not only the name of a president of the United States, it is also a renowned chopstick manufacturing town in Fukui prefecture in Japan. For over four centuries, lacquer chopsticks have been created in this town, earning it a reputation for producing the hardest and most beautiful Japanese lacquer chopsticks in the world. 

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