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Carved II Clock Black

Carved II Clock Black

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We pushed the technique of carving numbers into and painting the clock face, as used in CARVED, to the limit. The result is CARVED. The letters carved into the clock face are only 2mm in width. The smart fonts, which don’t look like numbers at a glance, give a sharp and clean impression.

Good Design Award 2014Japan

Size: φ34 × D4.2 cm
Weight: 750g
Material: Mineral-Based Artificial Wood
Specification: Sweep Second

Made in Japan.

Designer: Naoki Terada
Architect, designer
In 1994, he completed MA course of the Association School of Architecture (AA school) in London. After returning to Japan, he produced and directed various brands as well as designing architectures and products. In 2003, he established TERADA DESIGN ARCHITECTS OFFICE. In 2011, he opened “TERADAMOKEI” in Simokitazawa, Tokyo. Currently, he’s the managing director of Interoffice Inc., an outside lecturer of Musashino Art University, and the juror of the Good Design Award.

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