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Matcha Bowl Nanban Obi Mishima

Matcha Bowl Nanban Obi Mishima

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Stoneware that is fired at a high heat for a long period of time is referred to as Yakishime. In addition to a simple, earth-like expression, the final product is non-porous and quite durable. As Yakishime is used for longer and longer periods of time, it becomes glossier, lending the ware a distinct depth of appearance.

Designer: Toshiya Iguri

Born in 1962, Kyoto Pref. Apprenticed to Kouzou Kawashima. Opened the Toshiya-Gama kiln in 1984. Produces ceramics of a warm and kind expression using techniques such as Yakishime and others.

Material: porcelain
Size: Ø11.5 x H7cm

Volume: 400ml

Made in Kyoto, Japan

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