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Matcha Bowl Raku yaki

Matcha Bowl Raku yaki

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Raku refers to earthenware that has been shaped using only hands and metal implements, and which therefore contains distortions and an inconsistent thickness. Glaze is then thickly applied before the ware is fired. Raku is mainly used during the tea ceremony. In its rustic features, Raku reflects the transitions inherent in nature and the four seasons.

The overlapping of glazes creates an expression of the infinite. Called “Keshiki” (landscape) in the world of the tea ceremony, it has been likened to the often-changing landscape of Japan. Not merely reproducing scenery in colour and form, this style of ceramic ware embodies the perception of nature itself.

Material: porcelain
Size: Ø12 x 8.2 cm
Volume: 560ml

Made in Kyoto, Japan

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