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Layered Gauze Blanket

Layered Gauze Blanket

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This 5 layered gauze blanket made from 100% cotton and is different from general layered gauze. They sewed the gauze together without applying the clasp after laminating gauzes, which created a sufficient air layer and provides a good water absorption and ventilation. It helps you to keep your skin dry during the sweating season, and also has the effect to keep your body temperature through the air layer in the cold season.

Daitou Shingu is a Kyoto based Bedding manufacturing company founded in 1925. They have been making futon, zabuton and garments traditionally for over 90 years. In this ever-changing era, they are promoting the creation of an environment specialising in "sleeping".

Size: 140 × 210cm
Material: cotton
Care: Machine washable with a mesh bag. Do not tumble dry. Do not use bleach.

Made in Japan

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