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Kiri Kumihimo Box Large

Kiri Kumihimo Box Large

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Japan had a custom that people planted paulownia trees (also known as Kiri in Japanese) when they had daughters in order to arrange about chests and dressers for future brides. The reason why they choose Kiri is that it is good at moisture-proof, fireproof, air tightness and is the lightest of all Japanese trees. Japanese people rarely have such a custom now but items made by Kiri are still one of their favourite both for preparing brides’ tools and in their daily life.

This series of Kiri items are also known as Kyo-sashimono. Sashimono generally means to joint with board to board, board to stick and stick to stick. Those made in Kyoto represent the highest grade of traditional and industrial crafts and are referred as Kyo-sashimono.

Material: Paulownia(urethane coating)、Silk(100%)

Size: W14 x D10 x H8.5 cm

Made in Kyoto, Japan

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