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Kimura Glass

Kimura Glass Everyday use glass TU106 designed by Tora Urup

Kimura Glass Everyday use glass TU106 designed by Tora Urup

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A glass series design by Tora Urup, a glass and pottery designer from Denmark.
A simple but unique glass that added some accent for everyday use.

With a 110-year-old history, Kimura Glass products are designed and made in collaboration with top Japanese artisans. Kimura Glass strives to offer you a variety of high-end glasswares to suit your needs, from sophisticated to casual and elegantly simple.



Made in Japan


Designer: Tora Urup

Tora Urup is a glass designer and artist working independently and in collaboration with glass manufacturers, individual craftsmen and glass factories mainly in the Czech Republic and Japan.

Preoccupied with familiar objects such as bowls and glassware, Tora Urup is interested in how we might experience and perceive these common objects anew, both as functional objects and individual pieces that could be described as visual interpretations of the known object.

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