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Kimura Glass

Kimura Glass Bello L (Set of 6)

Kimura Glass Bello L (Set of 6)

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A set of six cups. Stackable handmade extra thin glass with wide rim.


In crafting BELLO series, Kimura Glass experimented with various beverages (wine, sake, tea, etc.) using a variety of shaped glasses with the premise of "expressing the taste of the Japanese people". With this in mind, they completed the glass' design and decided to name it Bello since it means "beautiful" in Italian.

With a 110-year-old history, Kimura Glass products are designed and made in collaboration with top Japanese artisans. Kimura Glass strives to offer you a variety of high-end glasswares to suit your needs, from sophisticated to casual and elegantly simple.



each: φ9.5×H8.5cm


Made in Japan

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