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2016 arita

Kueng Caputo Plate 220 Blue

Kueng Caputo Plate 220 Blue

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Kueng Caputo set out to best illustrate the skills of the craftsmen and women they were partnered with. Although the porcelain production of Arita is deemed industrial, the reality is that many of the processes involve handwork and numerous careful steps.

The resulting series of vases and bowls makes use of Kin’emon Toen pottery’s specialist technique of airbrush painting called fukitsuke. The technique enables soft gradients of colour and texture to be applied to the surface of the porcelain. Kueng Caputo and Kin’emon Toen have invented a surface covering that creates an optical illusion, a play of light and shadow, making the viewer question the edges of the object.

Material: porcelain
W22.6 x D15.7 x H3.5 cm

Made in Arita, Japan

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