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Tea towel Kabuki 'Kumadori (Kabuki make-up) 5 kinds'

Tea towel Kabuki 'Kumadori (Kabuki make-up) 5 kinds'

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Tenugui is a unique Japanese dyed cloth and has a long history dating from the 8th century. Japanese people use Tenugui in daily life. They are made by expert craftsmen using traditional techniques. We hope you will enjoy the bright colors and chic textures as well as the stories of Japanese culture told by Tenugui.

Drawing of lattice pattern with Kumadori and props. Kumadori make-ups are worn by actors to express their characters and expressions. Lattice is a traditional pattern which was first used for stage costumes by a Kabuki actor in the Edo period and became very popular.

Material: cotton
Size: 90 x 35 cm
Hand wash 
Made in Japan
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