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Face bookmark

Face bookmark

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Disguise items are hot-selling party items in Japan such as moustaches, beards, fake glasses, wigs, and so on. Yet these are often used just once in events and parties.
“Henso Shiori” (Disguise Bookmark) is one of a kind bookmark cum disguise that you can take with you anywhere. These bookmarks, made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), have special prints of spectacles, beards, moustaches, and a cartoon-like face or eyes.
Put one of these uniquely produced bookmarks onto your face, and the printed image appears to pop out and puts you in a momentary disguise! In ordinary situations, needless to say, they work as bookmarks. Then, when you join in for a group photo for instance, just take one of those bookmarks and apply it to your face for a fun photo!

Material: PET
Size: W5 × H14 cm

Made in Japan

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