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Baguette Tote

Baguette Tote

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TEMBEA means "to wander" in Swahili. When you go out, we hope our bags go with you. Our bags are meant for everyday use.

Many of our bags are made of special cotton canvas that has been treated with paraffin, a type of wax that repels water.The yarn in our canvas is made of combed cotton fibers. This yarn is very strong and firm because of the combing process, which selects the longest cotton fibers and makes them straight and clean before they are spun into yarn. This also gives the yarn a distinctive, lustrous appearance. Because it is woven with an old-fashioned shuttle loom, our canvas has a solid selvedge edge. 

The looms that make our canvas have been working for 40 or 50 years. The beautiful selvedge is one unique point of our canvas, and we often use it as part of our designs.

Size: w 24 x h 37 x d14 cm
Material: canvas / leather

Made in Japan

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